About Frank Steinhausen



 Frank Steinhausen really understands the Durham Region mind-set   because he’s actually one of them. He’s the kind of guy you’re likely   to run intoSaturday afternoon in Ajax’s Village Arena for one of his   kid’s hockey games or enjoying a coffee with his wife at Second Cup   in Pickering. Combine that with his 25+ years in the real estate   business, and his skill at finding just the right buyer for your home,   and, well, you’ve got exactly the kind of guy you want on your side.

Frank directs his expertise to help people who are ready to sell their homes. As your dedicated seller’s agent, he’ll get the word out about your property, get the right people in to see it, and help you get the best possible price for your home.

Want to get your home sold? Frank would be happy to help you. He’s the man you want on your side if you’re selling your home. He’ll get your home on the market and keep you informed throughout the process. He’ll get your home sold quickly and get you on your way.

Want to buy a Home? Frank has helped over 400 buyers find their perfect home. He has lived in East Toronto and Durham Region for over 45 years. He works exclusively in areas where he knows the value of homes and the neighbourhoods. You can be confident that you are getting someone with knowledge and expertise on your side.

You want to know that you can trust Jeremy to help you with all your real estate decisions. He brings a client first approach to everything he does. With experience working  for not-for-profit fundraisers he has seen first hand how hard work  can change people’s lives. He wants to translate his desire to make  people happy into a lifelong career helping people find their dream  home. Jeremy was born into a real estate family. A passion for  houses  is in his genes. Raised in Durham Region, he has grown up  with a strong sense of the importance of community.

Jeremy is ready  to roll up his sleeves, work hard, and build a lasting relationship with  you.